Compact Super-High-Speed Modular

Yamaha YS24

Yamaha YS24

  • 72,000CPH (0.05sec/CHIP)
    Excellent mounting capability
    Newly developed "Dual Stage Conveyor"
  • 34kCPH/㎡
    Area-productivity, top class in the world
  • L700 x W460mm
    Super large PCB applicable
  • YAMAHA Dual Lane System applicable
  • 120 Max feeder capacity
  • 0402 to 32 x 32mm
    Components applicable

Yamaha YS24

Applicable PCB L50xW50mm – L700xW460mm
Mounting Capability 72,000CPH (0.05 sec./CHIP: Optimum conditions established by Yamaha Motor)
Mounting Accuracy +/-0.05mm (μ + 3σ), +/-0.03mm (3σ)
Applicable Components 0402 to 32x32mm MAX (Height 6.5mm or less)
Component Types 120 types (Max./8mm wide tape reel conversion)
Power Supply Three phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V +/-10%
Air Supply Source 0.45MPa
External Dimensions L1,254x W1,687x H1,445mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 1,700kg

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